Do you know what’s worse than a spoiler to Mare of Easttown? When you weren’t even aware of the new HBO series your friends have been binge-watching all week. So you’re left with major FOMO as your crew raves about the Kate Winslet’s performance over brunch.

Your friends’ excitement over their newest obsession, can leave you feeling like you’re trapped in the middle of a Portlandia sketch. What else are you missing out on in the streaming world?

credit: Portlandia

Fortunately, you don’t have to wonder anymore! You already know that Birdie lets you Chirp reviews and add new shows to your watch-list. But what about keeping track of your Flock’s current streams?

We’ve got you covered. You can now see exactly what your friends and family are streaming with our new feature — Watching. Goodbye FOMO!

The Power of Personal Recommendations

We know that 66% of streaming recommendations come from friends and family. This Is why Birdie is on a mission to help you stop searching and start streaming. Our new feature lets you see the shows your Flock is currently binge-watching, so you can stay in-the-know.

If you’re new to Birdie, check out how our time-saving app works. (Or how it might be the key to rescuing your relationship). As for our featuring launch, Watching can be accessed in two simple ways. After logging on to your account, find your new favorite show.

On the Search Page

On the search page, simply hover over the “Add” button, and a couple of other options will appear. Click ‘watching’ to share your new binge-status with your Flock.

Or the Profile Page

Want to read a few reviews from the Birdie community? Go right to the movie or show’s profile page. That way, you can see what your Flock has to say before beginning a new series.

Share Your Status

Now it’s time to pay it forward! Add your Watching status, so your friends and family are up to date on the latest shows.

By sharing what you’re watching, you’ll help your Flock make better streaming decisions. Plus, it’s a wonderful conversation starter! You can stay up-to-date with trending shows, and share new insights with your Flock.

Interested in learning more about Birdie? We’ve answered your frequently asked questions. If you have an invite code, you can start Chirping at Otherwise, join our waitlist — we let in new Flock members all the time.

Stop searching, start streaming.