So many shows, so little time! Fortunately, Birdie makes it easy to decide your next binge through the power of personal recommendations. If you’re wondering what we’ve been watching this past month, look no further. We’ve summed up five of our favorite movies and series to stream this July. And there’s some great things to watch around the BBQ this July 4th!


History has its eyes on Hamilton, the record-breaking Broadway musical filmed and edited to be streamed on the small screen. Lin-Manuel Miranda makes this epic story jump to life and highlights its relevancy hundreds of years after its events have taken place. Plus, the music will be in your head for MONTHS after July 4th! But in, like, a fun way, we promise 🙂

What the Flock is Saying: “So inspiring. This really does deserve the hype it gets.”

If you loved Hamilton, check out tick, tick…BOOM! for another Lin Manuel Miranda masterpiece about making the most of your time.

Independence Day

C’mon…you knew this was gonna be on the list. Independence Day is nothing if not an incredibly American movie. There’s action, explosions, Will Smith, and something-or-other threatening the island of Manhattan. This movie is a classic 90’s action flick. Not to mention, the perfect movie to throw on while wearing off your July 4th red-white-and-BBQ bender.

What the Flock is Saying: “never gets less ridiculous tbh”

If you liked Independence Day, check out I Am Legend for another story about Will Smith just trying to save a ridiculous world.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is the incredible true story of Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe). These three phenomenally brilliant Black NASA scientists brought about one of the most impressive operations in history. Intelligent, inspiring, and truly a joy to watch, Hidden Figures is a wonderful tribute to three women who paved the way.

What the Flock is Saying: “Not only is the script super well written, but the acting is absolutely stunning and there are scenes that these three women absolutely steal and show just how raw their performances are.”

If you liked Hidden Figures, try Harriet for another story about Black women changing the country-and the world.


Award-winning director Ava DuVernay produced 13th, a stunningly powerful documentary about the prison industrial complex of the United States, and how the deep roots of systemic racism have harmed and disadvantaged Black people for generations. DuVernay features civil rights leaders and advocates, who educate audiences on parts of history that have too often been left out.

What the Flock is Saying: “Holy **** the information and the way it was presented was outstanding. With everything happening right now, to see that it’s been nonstop for so long that it’s seen as normal is absolutely obscene. Please make the time to watch this.”

If you liked 13th, check out Selma for a dramatization of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march from Selma to Montgomery and the waves of change it caused across the nation.

National Treasure

Join Nicolas Cage and Sean Bean (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t!) for National Treasure. This thriller is about solving one of the country’s biggest mysteries – written on the back of the Declaration of Independence! A super fun puzzle flick that’ll leave you guessing, and laughing, at the edge of your couch. Adventure lovers and history buffs unite!

What the Flock is Saying: “One of my favorite “here for a good time ” adventure movies. I won’t pass up any chance to watch this if it is on tv.”

If you liked National Treasure, check out The Da Vinci Code for another treasure-hunt thriller about secret clues woven through history.