The holidays are coming up — a season affectionately coined the most wonderful time of the year. And in many ways, this is true. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or will simply be embracing the winter wonderland, there are many ways to enjoy spending time during this period of reflection.

That is, until you find yourself in an argument with your younger cousin about what movie to stream after family dinner. You spend what precious time you have together, debating whether to watch It’s a Wonderful Life or Die Hard (hey, it is technically a Christmas movie) instead of enjoying each other’s company.

Fortunately, Birdie is here to remedy the situation! You already know that Birdie can help save your relationship, but did you know that we help with family functions as well? Spending just 10 minutes curating your watch list can save you hours of back-and-forth later via our Flock Compare feature. (And spoiler alert: you’ll all decide to watch Elf either way).

So what are you going to do with all of that time you saved? Here are our top three suggestions:

  1. Cook a new dish with your family: Every holiday meal has its classic dish — latkes, collard greens, pecan pie all adorn our tables during the annual festivities. And while we’re not suggesting you forgo the brisket, why not try out some new recipes with the family. Plus, you can cook together! And remember, you can fight over the drumstick, but you don’t have to fight over movies.
  2. Play a game: Now that you’ve quickly agreed what you’ll watch, you can use that precious time to get competitive! It’s time to break out the board games for some real family bonding. Not only are there plenty of options for people of all ages, games are an excellent option to test your physical abilities, engage your brain, or just bring the laughs. If you’re not sure where to start, give Code Names, Bananagrams, or a jigsaw puzzle a try.
  3. Embrace the free time, and do nothing: It’s been a pretty wild year, so making space for some old-fashioned R&R is always a good idea. Curl up in bed with a good book, take a long bath, or go for a wandering walk. Whatever it means for you to decompress, use your newfound free time wisely — and rest.

By taking the time to keep your watchlists up-to-date, you’ll be able to quickly find that perfect movie for a night-in, that everyone will enjoy. (You just may need to help grandma with the app). If you’re not already on Birdie, sign up for our waitlist here.

Stop searching, start streaming.