Birdie’s Flock Compare Feature will save your movie night.

We’ve all been there before. It’s Friday evening. You’ve had a long week at work and just want to curl up on the couch with some ice cream. You’ve been looking forward to the perfect night-in. You’ve queued up that horror flick you’ve been dying to watch, when your partner proclaims that they’re not interested in The Quiet Place 2. Before you start arguing at Sorkin-level speed, remember — Birdie’s got your back. Flock Compare can help you save movie night by quickly finding the ideal flick for your evening. (It may even save your relationship in the process!) This feature lets you compare Watchlists with a partner, friend or anyone with a Birdie account, to discover the ideal film for your Friday Night.

Let’s take a closer look at this feature, with an example more unimaginable than the Marvel-verse: Olivia Pope and Karen Walker are having a movie night. But in this scenario, the Scandal lead and Will & Grace sidekick are having a movie night.

However, Olivia and Karen are at a standstill. They don’t know what to watch. As Olivia pours some wine for her popcorn, Karen pulls up her Birdie app to save movie night.

Steps to Saving Movie Night

  • Karen goes to ‘My Flock’ to find her fellow Birdie.
flock compare feature
  • After locating Olivia, she clicks on her profile.
  • Then scrolls down to the left, bottom side of Olivia’s page.
  • This brings Karen to Olivia’s watch list. She can see everything Olivia want’s to stream, has seen, and is currently watching.
  • Now this is where the magic happens! She goes to the left column, and filters by category. This lets Karen see what shows both her and Olivia want to watch. (If you want to get more specific, then you can narrow it down further by genre, network, and tv/movie.)
flock compare feature
  • And voila! Karen and Olivia have a list of shows for their movie night.
flock compare feature

If Birdie‘s Flock Compare feature can help this unlikely duo come to an agreement, then it can certainly save time at your next movie night.

Honey, trust us on this one. Spend some time building your Birdie Watch List — and find your perfect show faster than Karen Walker can down a vodka-martini.

Stop searching, start streaming.