So many shows, so little time! Fortunately, Birdie makes it easy to decide your next binge through the power of personal recommendations. If you’re wondering what we’ve been watching this past month, look no further. We’ve summed up five of our favorite movies and series to stream this June – and some great things to watch with Dad for Father’s Day!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

INNNNNNNNN WEST- okay we’ll stop. But truly – how fun is this show? The depictions of rockin’ clothing choices alone are enough to spark a (hopefully lighthearted) family debate. Fresh Prince was groundbreaking and trailblazing in so many ways; hilarious, witty, poignant, and it was not without heart. Check out season 4, episode 24 for the infamous (mostly improvised!) scene between Will and Uncle Phil about the impact of fathers – and others who step up.

What the Flock is Saying: “One of the best, ever. There’s just nothing like it”

If you liked *The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, check out Everybody Hates Chris for another family comedy about a young Black son making the most of it.*

Liar Liar

Liar, Liar is one of Jim Carey’s zaniest movies, and one with arguably the most laughs. Carrey plays attorney Fletcher Reede, whose ruthlessness and duplicitous nature make him an excellent lawyer, though at the expense of his personal relationships. When Reede finds himself unable to lie for a full 24-hours (a birthday wish come true from his oft-neglected son), everything he’s worked for is flipped insanely on its head. A great mix of dad humor and jokes that are actually funny!

What the Flock is Saying: “this movie is wild but never fails to make me dumb-laugh in the loudest way”

If you liked Liar Liar, check out Bruce Almighty for another hilarious Jim Carrey romp.

C’mon, C’mon

Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann, and Woody Norman shine in this understated but heartfelt drama. C’mon C’mon follows Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix), a radio producer, as he travels the country interviewing kids from about their hopes, concerns, and ideas about their futures. He seems content in his solitary, career-centered world until he is saddled with an unlikely assistant – his young nephew. This movie is deeply personal, and beautifully illustrates the roles all kinds of parental figures can have on a generation.

What the Flock is Saying: “sweet and surprisingly emotional. all-star cast”

If you liked C’mon C’mon, try Boyhood for another film about bonding and relationships across generations.

Kim’s Convenience

Don’t sleep (or la-z-boy snore) on this show! Kim’s Convenience is an incredibly funny Canadian sitcom about the Kim family as they attempt to run a convenience store- and their family life – as smoothly as possible. Lighthearted but with shockingly ridiculous one-liners, this show is sure to please.

What the Flock is Saying: “Delightful show about a family run convenience store. Love the multi-generational and multi-cultural humor!”

If you liked *Kim’s Convenience, put on One Day At A Time for another comedy about a close-knit and cross-cultural family.*

Eighth Grade

All right, here comes the unconventional tear jerker. Bo Burnham makes his directorial debut with Eighth Grade, which centers newly-teenaged Kayla as she navigates unfamiliar social situations, expectations, and anxieties in the age of social media and with the all-too-human desperation to be liked. Kayla’s relationship with her father is grounding, sweet, and hopeful, and will maybe inspire you to make a campfire. Any excuse for s’mores?

What the Flock is Saying: “oh **** this was too real”

If you liked Eighth Grade, check out The Lovely Bones for another heartbreaking tale about a father’s love for his daughter.