We have your back, and it’s all in the secret sauce of tapping into your trusted community for personal recommendations. Here are some helpful tips about how to use Birdie -- spend less time researching and more time exploring and enjoying the restaurant & bar scene in your city. No more sifting through useless reviews - just read a few chirps from your flock, and that last minute search for a great dinner option becomes a whole lot easier.

The Basics:

Search restaurants/bars by city, type of food or drink, neighborhood, even friends to see what has been said by the people you trust

Follow / Find your flock — Curate the “birdies” you follow based on your own personal connections and taste, including trusted publications and influencers you love. Much like you curate your feed of friends and influencers on Instagram, you can do the same here.

Chirps are the quick, to-the-point way to hear from those you know and trust.  No more deciphering sarcasm, and no more checking credentials on a stranger’s profile. Chirp about places you’ve been to share with your flock. You can keep it short and sweet, it should only take a minute! Sometimes a one-word chirp is all you need to make a decision.

Track where you’ve been and where you want to go. Anything you’ve chirped about or rated and everything you’ve added to your “To Try” list will be highlighted as you explore.  Now you won’t have to flip between phone notes, emails and text chains to find your friends’ recos! The next time you’re racking your brain to think of a new place to eat or drink – voila – Birdie to the rescue!


How do I search for a place?

You can easily search from the Home Page or by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper left from any other page. Just type in the business name, neighborhood, or cuisine / type of food you’re looking for.  From the search results you can add additional filters to narrow your results even further. You can also discover places your friends like from their profile / your feed.

What is my "Library"

Your “Library” is a catalog of all of your activity on Birdie, so you have one convenient place to store all of your thoughts, comments, and wishlists. It’s where you’ll find all the places you’ve either marked as “to try” or those you have rated.

How to I mark a place "To Try"

There are two ways to do this:

  • On the search results page click on that gray bar on the left side of the listing and voila! Options appear!  – Choose to mark as “Try” and it’ll be bookmarked for future reference.
  • From the same search results page click on the venue’s “tile” and you’ll be taken to its profile page.  From there click on the “Try” button – it’ll turn coral and you’re all set. You can also write a note to yourself here about why you’d like to try this spot – specific dishes to order, the friend who recommended it, etc.

How do I see reviews from just my flock?

On the left-hand side of your “Library” and in the search results page there’s a section titled “Ratings from”. Since we are in beta, we currently default to “All birdies,”– but you can select “Just my flock” to limit results to only those reviews of people you follow.  You can also select “Just my flock” on the venue’s profile page.

Feed & Friends

What is a flock?

  • Real World: a number of birds of one kind feeding, resting, or traveling together.
  • Birdie World: a number of friends, trusted sources, and influencers you’ve chosen to “follow” whose ratings and reviews will flow into your personal Birdie view.

How do I add Birdies to my flock?

To add Birdies to your flock either go to the Home page and click on “Find Your Flock” or go to your Profile and click on the + sign next to Flock in the left section.

What is my Feed?

Your Feed shows all of the activities from the people you are following – your flock.  Types of activities listed, someone from your flock:

  • Is following someone new
  • Has marked a place or places “to try”
  • Has rated a place or places
  • You have a private profile and someone has requested to follow you.

How do I see activity?

To see a specific Birdie’s activity (who they are following, who is following them, places they’ve rated and marked as “to try”) go to their Profile page or click on their name or picture any time you see them on the site.  To search for their Profile page you can click on the “Flock” option from the top navigation (if you’re already following them) – or go to the home page and click on “Find Your Flock!”


What's a Public vs. Private profile?

All profiles default to Public – where anyone who has a Birdie account can see your Profile, Library, etc.  You can change to a Private account where the only people who can see these details are those you have approved.  You’ll receive a notification in both your Profile and Feed showing this request – which you can accept or decline.

How do I change my default city?

Click on Profile from the top right navigation bar – the middle section is “Your Settings”.  The first option here is “Your Default City” – click on the text below which will open up a text box, in here type in the city you’d like to be your default and when it appears below select it and – you’re done!  If you want to conduct a search in a different city you can go to the Home page and do the same thing – click on the city below the search box to make an update – this will not however change your default – it’ll just change for that search session.

How do I add my social channels to my Profile?

Click on the icon for whichever channel you’d like to add – Facebook, Instagram, etc.  This will take you through an authorization “flow” (I know – fancy words!!) – once you give us the ok we’ll add this channel to your Profile and you’ll be able to connect with people you’d linked with on these networks.

How do I change my profile picture?

Click on Profile (your picture at the top right) > Settings > Avatar – click on “Choose File”.  Select a fantabulous picture of yourself (preferably square since that’s how it renders and we don’t have cropping functionality just yet – sorry!) and then don’t forget to press “Save” afterwards.

Hatching Soon!

We're currently in Beta and constantly making improvements to the site. Leave us your email, and we'll let you know about important updates!