Friends don't let friends eat bad meals.

Birdie allows you to connect with the people you trust to find quick, relevant restaurant or bar recommendations...
No depending on strangers.
No questioning random comments.
No doubting authenticity.

Discover your next favorite place...

Birdie was founded by Lauren Rosenthal, a serial efficiency aficionado obsessed with food, travel and streamlining.  She loves a good meal, and hates wasting time! After spending way too much of it searching foodie sites and struggling to keep all her personal restaurant recommendations organized, she came up with the idea for Birdie.

Never before has there been a quick and simple place to share, rate and explore restaurants and bars. Less time researching, more time experiencing.

Meet the Team

Lauren Rosenthal, Founder + Chief Chick

Location: Split time between SF & NYC
Alma mater: GO BLUE! University of Michigan x2 – Engineering undergrad + Ross MBA
Guilty pleasure: Ice cream!! Most recently Mango Sticky Rice at Garden Creamery in SF
Spirit Bird: Night Owl – I’m most energized and productive late at night.

Carolyn Guimbarda, Birdie Strategist

Location: Sunny Los Angeles
Alma mater: CU Boulder for undergrad, NYU MBA
Guilty pleasure: Dark Chocolate.
Spirit Bird: Seagull – I love to be at the beach playing in the waves and likely to steal any available snacks!

Jennifer Boylen, Social Chick

Location: Chicago, IL
Alma mater: Columbia College Chicago undergrad, Cornell University masters certificate
Best meal ever: K-Pauls Lousiana Kitchen in New Orleans. Delicious start to finish
Spirit Bird: Sparrow – they are known to symbolize creativity, productivity, and teamwork.

Jessica Goldberg, Flock Advocate

Location: NYC
Alma mater: GO BLUE! University of Michigan x2 – Psychology undergrad + Ross MBA
Best meal ever: Alinea. WOW
Spirit Bird: Penguin, because they make a journey every year

Jaclyn Mann, UX Consultant

Location: Chicago, IL
Alma mater: Indiana University
Best meal ever: Every time I eat at Migo in Louisville. Every. Single. Time.
Spirit Bird: Peacock

Hatching Soon!

We're currently in Beta with a small group of birdies and constantly making improvements to the site. Leave us your email, and we'll let you know about important updates!